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ComedySportz Store is your source for ComedySportz clothing, merchandise and souvenirs. You can buy our t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, High School League stuff, comedy CD's and more! The place to be for the gear that celebrates improvisation! Store provided by ComedySportz Los Angeles.

New and Featured ComedySportz Store Items

wayd-shortt.jpg "What Are You Doing?" T-Shirt $15.00

One of our most popular games gets its own t-shirt. Burgundy shirt with "What Are You Doing?" written over 2 white silhouettes in action playing the classic ComedySportz game. Unisex.

absofunnylutely-shortt.jpg "Absofunnylutely" T-Shirt $15.00

We heard a cool phrase, but we didn't like part of it. So we changed that part to "funny" so everyone can enjoy it. Then we put it on a shirt. Unisex.

vneck.jpg ComedySportz V-Neck Shirt $15.00

Nice, thin v-neck t-shirt with light grey ComedySportz lettering across the front left side. Available in Black or Grey. The perfect shirt for a hot day. Unisex.

wrong-shortt.jpg "...Terribly Wrong..." T-Shirt $15.00

Anything can happen with improv. And sometimes the best things come from something going terribly wrong. This white shirt with text in a black box expresses that. Unisex.

chicksdigfunny-shortt.jpg "Chicks Dig Funny" Ringer Tee $15.00

Impress the ladies with laughter and this ringer tee. Light gray with black rings. Front design: "chicks dig funny." From American Apparel.

gray-cap.jpg ComedySportz Knit Cap $15.00

Light blue knit beanie caps, with embroidered "ComedySportz" logo and navy trim. One size fits all.

pink-cap.jpg ComedySportz Pink Cap $15.00

Cute pink knit beanie with bill and embroidered "ComedySportz" logo. One size fits all.

pink-strap.jpg ComedySportz Ladies Pink Spaghetti Strap Tank Top $12.00

Pink on Pink! "Boybeater" with a small ComedySportz logo right across the... on the... placed over the... on the front.

salmon-strap.jpg ComedySportz Ladies Tank Top $12.00

Coral tank top (or "boybeater") with a fuchsia ComedySportz logo. From American Apparel.