CDs & Books

Hey, kids of the 2000s! Before your iPoodles and Kindizzys, you listened to CDs and read books. And we hear the coolest music, comedy and stories are still in that format. Here are some prime examples. Take that, technology!

mattgourley-cd.jpg Matt Gourley "Garanimal Farm" CD $12.00

Longtime ComedySportz Los Angeles performer Matt Gourley serves up eight quirky numbers, including the popular "185 Savona Walk (Fe-mailman)."

billlarkin-cd.jpg Bill Larkin "Bill's Family Funtime" CD $12.00

ComedySportz Los Angeles alum Bill Larkin presents an entire album of songs devoted to various members of his family. You will laugh extremely hard at this one. Featured on Comedy Central.

philward3-cd.jpg Phil Ward "Do Not Insert in Ear Canal" CD $12.00

This is Phil's second live album of comedy songs. Phil will do the guitar playing, the piano playing and the singing. You will laugh. This is non-negotiable. Features ComedySportz star Myles Nye tap dancing!

philward-cd.jpg Phil Ward "Easily Amused" CD $12.00

A live album of original comedy songs from Phil Ward. Rated PG. "Like listening to set-to-music entries from an obsessive-compulsive's diary--a really funny one." (Pasadena Star News)

impromptones-cd.jpg Impromptones "Steamy Monday" CD $15.00

"Steamy Monday" by The Impromptones. A live album of completely improvised songs, in harmony, from the nationally-acclaimed group produced by ComedySportz. Although the Impromptones have moved on to other projects, their music lives. Limited supply.

mylesnye-cd.jpg Austin & Myles "The Months Have a Party" CD $12.00

The Months Have a Party is a fun, silly family album to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Written and performed by well loved local musicians Austin Zumbro and Myles Nye, this is a CD your family is certain to love.